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Lung cancer is also recognized as carcinoma of the lung. It is a malignant and cancerous lung tumor featured by unrestrained cell growth in tissues of the lung. This cancer does have the most violent growth, with an average survival rate of nearly around two to four months after analysis without any treatment. On the other hand, malignant lung cancer may be recognized as the mainly approachable kind to chemotherapy and radiation therapy. As it spreads quickly and is frequently spread at the crucial time of analysis, procedures like radiation therapy or surgical removal are less efficient in treating this kind of cancer.

Cancer prognosis stage 1 is very crucial. There are two types of lung cancer. One is small cell lung cancer and other is non-small cell lung cancer.

In non-small lung cancer, the most essential lung cancer prognosis factor is the phase of the tumor at the time of analysis. Outcomes of standard treatment are in general poor in all but the smallest of cancers which can be surgically removed. Nonetheless, in stage 1st cancers which can completely be removed surgically, the probability of five years of survival approaches nearly 75%. Radiation therapy can create a complete healing in a little minority of patients.

Lung Cancer Symptoms

* Cough

* Fatigue

* Coughing up blood

* Loss of appetite

* Shortness of breath

* Coughing up phlegm

* Chest pain

Smoking can be proven as dangerous. Smoking is one of the leading reasons for lung cancer. Smoking could also interfere with the efficacy of the treatments. For mesothelioma patients having cancer, who have severe pain from the syndromes, this could affect debilitating pain. The University of Buffalo researchers in New York found that 77% of the patients who are smoker complained of deprived sleep quality, and 25% had a Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale rating of “referable anxiety.” However, the researchers found that the smokers in the group tended to suffer from lower anxiety levels.

Lung Cancer Treatment

India has the immense advantage of offering best Lung Cancer Treatment due to the availability of best cancer hospital having expertise in the treatment of all type of cancer diseases. Also, one can find the best team Cancer Specialists in India having great expertise and experience in treating lung cancer patients and one of the most advanced cancer technologies to offer right cure to cancer patients. Surgery is basically the elimination of the adjacent tissues and tumor during the time of an operation.

Various other surgical methods are:-

Lobectomy: – Lobectomy is the crucial type of Lung cancer surgery, in which one lobe of a lung is removed. However, it is the most common and successful type of surgery.

Segmentectomy: – Segmentectomy is the process of surgery in which portion of the cancerous organ of lungs is removed with the help of surgery.

Pneumonectomy: – Pneumonectomy is another type of surgery that may be done for some forms of cancer. In this entire lung is removed as a treatment for lung cancer.

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Chemotherapy:- The medical oncologist will suggest chemotherapy prior to lung surgery so that the tumor shrinks in dimensions. This makes the surgery easier and also, the success rate becomes higher. Chemotherapy may also be suggested following your surgery to prevent further growth of Lung cancer cells.

Chemotherapy sessions have estimated to be very effective in killing Lung malignant cells. Victims may face nausea, giddiness, extreme tiredness, hair loss after this chemotherapy sessions.

Radiation therapy:- Radiation helps in killing the Lung cancer cells. The therapy takes a couple of weeks to months. The type of radiation along with the dosage varies with the species of this cancer. This is indeed an effective treatment in treating this cancer where rays directly hit cancer affected area in the lung and damages the cancer cells and prevent the growth of lung tumor.

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Important aspects    Lung cancer treatment should be accomplished within a particular span of time. The lung tumor is very dangerous. It leads to death. So, everyone must be very careful about their health. So, proper prognosis must be undertaken as early as possible after the detection of the dangerous disease. Proper treatment and proper guidance can easily help in reducing the risk factor.

How much the lung cancer has increased is detected by analyzing the aspect of staging. The ideal treatment will be scheduled and implemented mainly depended on the phase of this cancer. One effective way of determined is by means of the clinical staging procedure that is depended on the outcomes of medical tests like the MRI, CT scan, chest X-ray, biopsies, PET scan, and physical test. The lung cancer survival rate is extremely low.

There are numerous cases of individuals who lost expectation, suffered from despair after knowing that they had lung cancers. They blamed responsible themselves for such condition. Besides tobacco smoking, clinical researches give other reasons like air pollution, contact with dangerous poisonous chemicals such as uranium, asbestos, radon etc. Human lungs have the responsibility to bring oxygen into the human body as one inhales and takes out carbon dioxide as one exhale.

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