#1:  Our Process for a Surgery in India 
SurgeryinIndia  is your one point service provider who can take up all the services in the Free doctor Helpline domain. By using our services you can select your treatment, travel, hospitality and holiday needs in India from a single window. We have done our due diligence process on hospitals, doctors and hospitality services in India, and have selected the ones that provide superlative care and hospitality. We want to make sure that you receive the best of services when you are in India for your treatment.


#2: Identification of facilities and doctors 
Once you are sure of the treatment you need to undergo, allows you to identify the best hospitals and doctors in India. You can select the hospitals and the doctor that needs to provide the treatments through us or leave the selection of the doctor part to us or the hospital you have selected for treatment Once the selection process is complete you can register to our service for an independent console that allows you to chart your trip and in secure transfer of your case history to the doctor who has been selected to do your treatment. Our representative will now call you up and start gathering information as well as provide assistance.


#3The health tourist services 
Access will be provided via a secure online module requiring you to fill all your medical details with support from our representative. Your medical case history is evaluated by the treating doctor of your choice in India and upon his or her approval, you will be provided with a confirmation of your appointment date in India Once the doctor you selected approves your treatment, we provide you an area on the online module, where you can identify and confirm bookings of other requirements that you might have when in India like hospitality, holiday and a destination manager who will be your local contact during your stay. Having identified your requirements, a detailed schedule is made for your trip and stay in India in consultation with the Surgery in India support team. The detailed schedule is confirmed once you are completely satisfied with it.


#4When in India for treatment 
We see to it that all requirements that you opted for are provided to you when in India Our destination manager will be your single point of contact that will look into your every need when in India. If you want to opt for more services when in India our Destination manager will arrange for the same.


#5Post treatment care 
Our partner relations manager shall get in touch with you to enquire about your well being and will help you connect to the doctor who had treated you in India if necessary. If needed, we will arrange for a tele-consultation between the doctor who treated you in India and the doctor treating you currently in your home country.