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Stomach Cancer Treatment In India

Cancer that occurs in the stomach due to uncontrolled growth of cancerous cells called stomach cancer. The stomach is one of the vital parts of the body. This is located in the upper portion of the body and serves a great role in the digestion of foods. Cancer that happens in the stomach is also known as gastric cancer. Most of the cancers are the ones that typically belong to the section of adenocarcinoma. The term denotes the fact that, cancer has its root in the glandular tissue. Glandular tissue belongs to the inside portion of the stomach.

Some types of the cancerous tumors are called like the:

* Lymphoma

* Gastric sarcoma

* Carcinoid tumors

Symptoms of Stomach Cancer

There are some symptoms which can be related to the stomach cancer pretty easily. This leads to the surety of the cancer being a stomach cancer. Those symptoms are:

* The problems with digestion

* Heartburn

* Feeling uncomfortable in the abdomen region

* Vomiting tendency and nausea.

* Vomiting up the solid food right after eating

* Loss of appetite

* Diarrhea constipation

There are also some other symptoms which are related to this and also indicates the advanced mode of stomach cancer. Those are the:

* Fatigue and weakness

* Blood vomiting and also having blood in the stool

* Weight loss

Treatment for Stomach Cancer

India has the advantage of treating thousands of patients with stomach cancer using world-class technology at best cancer hospitals in India by best Cancer Specialists. There are certain methods of treatment which can be pretty much useful for the treatment of cancer. Those are dealt with below:

Surgery of Stomach Cancer:

This is the fastest method to get rid of any types of cancer. In this process, the whole of cancer affected cell is removed from the body of the patient. This way it is the fastest method. The oncologists also remove some of the healthy tissues just to make sure. This is called margin. But there are also other surgery methods which are specially designed for the stomach cancer problem:

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Removing a portion of stomach:

This is the surgery method in which some of the portions of the stomach has to be removed from the body of the patient. This procedure is also called the subtotal gastrectomy. This denotes the removing of cancer affected portion only. Not the whole stomach. There are mainly two types of the subtotal gastrectomy. Those are:

Distal subtotal Gastrectomy –

This is performed when the cancer cells are located in the lower parts of the stomach. The portion has to be near the stomach duodenum junction.

The other one is the proximal subtotal gastrectomy. This put into action when the location of the tumor is on the upper part of the stomach body and the esophagus is also involved in the matter.

Total Gastrectomy:

This is the surgery option which involves the removing of the total stomach from the body. Then the matter is that, after the removal of the stomach from the body, the small intestine is then directly connected to the esophagus. This is done to allow the food to move directly to the digestion system.


This is the well-known method for the successful treatment of the cancers cells and for the cure of cancer in many an occasion. The chemotherapy uses drugs to be inserted via IV tubes into the bloodstream of the patient. This way the drugs get carried away to the affected cancer cells to stop the growth. This is a highly systematic method and this method removes the cancer germ from the body entirely and there will be no chances to find the cancer cells anymore in the body. However, it is no surety.



Radiation is the main point of the radiotherapy. The highly active x-rays are directed to the affected portions of the cell. Then there are the two options of the radiation therapy. Those are the internal and the external radiation therapy. The external radiation therapy is the one in which the rays are directed from the out of body mechanics. And then the other one, the internal radiotherapy consists of the use of an implant. Radiotherapy is a painless solution of cancer and there are many oncologists who prefer to use the radiotherapy. This process is also used after a successful surgery. Just to make sure if there are any cancer cells left behind, they will be destroyed.

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