Uterine CANCER Treatment



Uterine cancer basically refers to the malignant growth of any tissues and cells that contributes to forming uterine tissue. The uterus is basically a void organ in women situated in the pelvis, generally recognized as the womb. The uterus’s main function is to provide support to fetal progress until birth. The uterus is formed like an upside-down pear; the pinnacle is called the fundus, the middle is known as the corpus, and the bottom part is called the cervix. Uterine cancer is considered as the most widespread cancer of a female’s reproductive system. Uterine cancer starts with an uncontrollable growth of normal cells forming a lump called tumor. A tumor can be malignant or non-malignant.

Types of uterine cancer:

* Sarcoma
* Adenocarcinoma
* Endometrial stromal sarcoma
* Carcinosarcoma
Though the exact causes of uterine cancer are still unknown there exist the most Common Risk Factors for Uterine Cancer. Some of them are discussed below.

Risk Factors for Uterine Cancer

* Unusual overgrowth of the endometrium
* Females who have never had kids
* Menopause after age 55
* Menses beginning before age 12
* Obesity
* Lynch syndrome
* Estrogen therapy
* Taking tamoxifen
* Radiation to the pelvis
* Family history of uterine cancer

The symptoms and signs of uterine cancer

*vaginal bleeding
* vaginal discharge
* pain during urination
* pain during sex
* pelvic pains
* High fever
* Weakness
* Fatigue

Diagnosis of Uterine Cancer

Uterine cancer is diagnosed by undertaking various methods. Some of them are.
* pelvic exam
* biopsy
* ultrasound
* MRI scans
* CT scans
Treatment options for uterine cancer in India may comprise one or more of the following: radiation therapy, surgery, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy. Treatment basically depends on the cancer stage.
Chemotherapy: Oncologists use to do this Chemotherapy treatment. This therapy comprises a series of powerful drugs and intravenous that is aimed at reversing and stopping the growth of cancer cells. After surgery, this process is used as a safeguard to kill the remaining malignant cells.
Radiation therapy: This therapy is also well-known as radioactive radiations therapy. The main aim of this therapy is to directly hit the tumor with high energy X-rays in-order to kill and control the unwanted cells. Doctors recommend this treatment in small doses over a week or sometimes in months, according to the uterine cancer stage.

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Surgery of Uterine Cancer

Surgery is basically the subtraction of the tumor and adjacent tissue during an operation. For treating cervical cancer which has not spread beyond the cervix region, the below mentioned procedures are often utilized:
* Conization
* Hysterectomy
Cancerous cells can easily spread from the uterine tumor to the other parts of the body. They can easily go by means of lymph vessels to close lymph nodes. Also, malignant cells can spread via the blood vessels to the liver, lung, brain or bone. The procedure of spreading is recognized as metastasis.


Hormone treatment

Victims who are treated with the operation for uterine cancer entail reproductive hormone therapy. Additionally, with the replacement of the hormone which is required by the human body, the testosterone hormone medicine will simply slow down the growth of any cancer cells.
If someone is going through the common symptoms of uterine cancers then he or she should take necessary precautions such as:
* Be aware of and watch for any symptoms and signs of infection. If found, and immediately report to your doctor right away.
* One must go for regular and accurate diagnosis, as simple symptoms might be portraying a risky disease.

Proper medicine and their regular dosage

If uterine cancer is found then the patient must undertake instant treatment. The patients must follow all the suggestions and advice of their doctors. A suffering individual must take proper drugs and therapies to avoid the dangers of uterine glands cancer. Regular check up is also highly suggested. A victim must take medicines or therapies on regular basis.

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